Environmental Technical Consultants’ mission statement identifies in a socially responsible manner as an essential part of being an active company.

For Environmental Technical Consultants, social responsibility involves open dialogue, fair-dealing with our neighbors.

Social responsibility at Environmental Technical Consultants includes aarray of programs and initiatives involving dialogue, communications, social effects assessments,

community infrastructure development, benefits to employees, and charitable giving. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure that the benefits generated

through us are shared, leading to lasting social and economic benefits for the employees, communities, where the Company operates

Vision & Values

Environmental Technical Consultants’

Core Vision & Values
As we conduct our business, we have always been guided by our commitment to responsible behavior.
 In practice, this translates into bringing long-term benefits to the communities where we operate, and fostering a
culture of excellence and collaboration among our employees. 
By upholding the Environmental Technical Consultants’ Core Values in everything we do,
we open up opportunities to earn the trust of our stakeholders and to create shared value.